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Putting An End To Break-Ins: A Case Study With Vestar

“What's funny is, it's an area that you wouldn't expect to have crime and vandalism and stuff like that. It's a nice area.” — Angela Manca, Property Manager at Vestar Sometimes, problems happen in the places you’d least expect. For Vestar, a property management...

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4 Signs Your Property Needs Perimeter Protection

Trespassing is one of the most common types of property crime that business owners have to deal with. Some cases are innocent — like when commuters cut through your parking lot to get to a bus stop — but all instances of trespassing are inconvenient, at the very...

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Exploring The New Frontier Of Video Surveillance Technology

We understand that keeping up with technology can feel like an overwhelming task. New advancements in security seem to come out at an exponential rate, and most business owners are left wondering where to start.  In recent years, there have been new advancements...

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