4 Signs Your Property Needs Perimeter Protection

Jul 2, 2019

Trespassing is one of the most common types of property crime that business owners have to deal with. Some cases are innocent — like when commuters cut through your parking lot to get to a bus stop — but all instances of trespassing are inconvenient, at the very least. Trespassers bring litter, destroy landscaping, and stress out tenants.

But the bigger issue with trespassing is that it makes your business more vulnerable. Every stranger that enters your property represents an opportunity for more serious property crimes like theft or vandalism. If trespassing is a common occurrence at your property, it’s only a matter of time before something more significant occurs.

The best way to protect your assets from trespassing, and its associated threats, is to incorporate perimeter protection with your video surveillance system. With perimeter protection, powerful analytics technology ensures that no one enters your property unnoticed. It’s a necessary safeguard, especially in areas where property crime is high.

Is Your Property At Risk?

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In much of the country, property crime has fallen significantly over the last five years. But in some regions, such as California, that’s not the case.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, property crime has risen by 2% since 2014 and 22 out of the state’s 58 counties have seen increases in property crime.

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Are you seeing examples of this trend at your property? Ask yourself these four questions to see if your business is at risk of impending property crime or trespassing problems:

  1. Have you noticed an uptick in trespassers in and around your property or neighboring properties?
  2. Have your tenants complained to you about odd things happening around your property?
  3. Do you regularly deal with people loitering on your property?
  4. Do you ever find evidence (trash, landscaping damage, vandalism, etc.) of trespassing that’s occurred overnight or during weekends?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to consider perimeter protection to secure your business. It’s simply the best way to know what’s going on around your entire property, all the time.

Optimize Your Security Coverage To Reduce Risk

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Perimeter protection employs powerful surveillance cameras and advanced technology to set up a secure, virtual border around your entire business. When that line is crossed, an alert is created that you can direct to an on-site security guard or to remote guard services.

With perimeter protection, you’ll know who’s coming to your property, when they’re arriving, and what they’re doing. Then, you can then use that information to optimize your coverage and processes.

Check out this video of perimeter protection in action and imagine how a similar setup could work for you.

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