Prevent More Crime: Maximize Your Video Surveillance Capabilities

Jun 13, 2019

Imagine the following scenario:

You arrive at your business to find evidence of vandalism or burglary. So, you head inside your office to your security camera system and begin the hours-long process of manually scanning through footage to find evidence you can present to the police.

Surveillance camera systems of the past had one job: constantly record footage of your property. They weren’t capable of preventing crime.

Today’s advanced video surveillance systems have more abilities than ever to prevent crime, rather than simply record it. Here are three examples of how they can work for you.

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Maximize Licence plate@4xTracking Technology

With license plate and facial recognition technology, your cameras can identify individuals and vehicles that you want to keep away from your property. Conversely, they can also use that data to let your employees, and other prescreened individuals, like delivery drivers, inside.

But tracking technology doesn’t only have security benefits. It’s also a powerful way to conduct business intelligence. Store owners can track individuals to create heat maps within their store, determine where customers spend the most time, and use the information to identify ideal product placements.

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Maximize Sec Camera@4xRemote Guarding

Remote guard services connect your cameras with live guards, who monitor your property in real-time whenever an intrusion or threat is detected. Guards respond to threats within 60 seconds and use two-way audio to talk down the perpetrator and prevent crime from ever happening.

Maximize Face Scan@4xSmart Search

Instead of scouring hours of footage manually, you can take advantage of a camera’s integrated analytics to search for specific incidents. Think of it like conducting a Google search of your recorded footage. You can even scan footage for things like specific clothing items or baggage types.

Don’t let outdated camera technology stop you from preventing crime at your business. Learn how the latest advancements in camera analytics can benefit you and your property. Download your free guide to preventing crime today.