Exploring The New Frontier Of Video Surveillance Technology

Jun 11, 2019

We understand that keeping up with technology can feel like an overwhelming task. New advancements in security seem to come out at an exponential rate, and most business owners are left wondering where to start.

 In recent years, there have been new advancements in video analytics, microprocessors, and artificial intelligence features. We’re thrilled about this new technology, so we wanted to share it with you and explain what it means for property managers like you who want the best protection for their businesses.

Computing at the Edge

New Tech 03@4x

We don’t know about you, but we remember the days when you had to manually review hours of video recordings in order to gain minimal insights. Today, we have analytical data that can now be analyzed straight from the camera. 

Camera analytics include things like perimeter protection, which creates a virtual boundary around your property and sends an alert anytime an intruder crosses that boundary.

When this technology first came out, it was admittedly slow. Cameras didn’t have the power to analyze the footage they captured, so they sent the information back to a central server, which took time. But now, that’s changed.

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Today’s cameras are powerful enough to conduct their analysis on their own, without having to send the information back to a central server. This ability has been dubbed “computing at the edge,” and it has several benefits for business owners, including: 

  • Instant analysis
  • Powerful search capabilities for recorded footage
  • Quicker response times
  • Reduced costs because of lower server and cloud storage demands

In addition, when cameras compute at the edge, it offers you the ability to set up different cameras with different analytic tools.

“We’ve seen this make a tremendous impact on our operation. When we implement our camera systems and have the analytics right on the edge, it drastically speeds up reaction time from our Remote Guard Center,” says AVS CEO, Mike Loumos.

Computing at the edge is especially beneficial when paired with remote guard services. Because the cameras are so fast, remote guards respond to alerts in 60 seconds or less, so they can prevent crime from happening.

Microprocessor-Enabled Video Analytics

AVS 6.11 Microprocessor

Motion-detection cameras are nothing new, but they’ve always been plagued by false alarms. Often, cameras would trip because of tree branches in the wind, passing animals, or bugs landing on the lens.

Those false alarms are frustrating when you’re paying someone to respond to each notification. And, they often lead to a “boy who cried wolf” scenario, where an abundance of false alarms leads you to start ignoring the notifications altogether.

The newest surveillance cameras solve this problem with advanced, microprocessor-enabled analytics capable of differentiating between real threats and common false alarms.

Better analytics aren’t just useful for cutting down on false alarms, they also offer an incredible array of business solutions for private, commercial, and city-owned properties. This includes things like adjusting traffic lights, license plate identification, locating missing cars, and creating accurate digital maps.

Loumos notes, “We are seeing this already in some of the advanced technology parking garages. License plate recognition cameras are currently being used to capture an entering license plate, track time, and charge a customer for parking.”

Putting New Tech to Use for You

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Surveillance systems are no longer just to record footage. They’re powerful and can be a wealth of data and information in your hands. With this technology, you’re not just protecting your business, you’re improving it with the use of advanced intelligence tools.

“Surveillance systems provide a robust solution for every industry’s unique requirements and we are excited to offer them,” says Loumos.

The bottom line? No matter what your needs are, there’s a suite of features that are perfect for you. Find out how you can benefit from the latest tech by checking out our white paper: Comparing Security Options For Your Business.