Finding The Right Fit: Case Study With Commercial Real Estate Owner, Gadi Hahamy

Jun 18, 2019

Gadi Hahamy is no rookie when it comes to property management. The commercial real estate owner is responsible for nearly a dozen shopping centers in and around the Las Vegas area. Among his many responsibilities is making sure that his tenants and his businesses are protected, which hasn’t always been easy.

For years, he tried to curb the impact of transient populations, vandalism, and other property crimes by hiring on-site and standby security services. But they didn’t work. So, he contacted us looking for a solution he could count on. What he got was a remote guard system that reduced his incident rate by 80%. Here’s his story.

The Problem: Growing Transient Populations

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“Vegas is growing fast, and that’s created a much larger homeless population. They sit in front of my businesses and refuse to leave. It’s been an ongoing problem that’s gotten worse year after year.” — Gadi Hahamy, commercial real estate owner 

Hahamy’s problems have always been with homeless populations who congregated at his businesses. They’d typically come after hours, looking for shelter or other facilities once everyone had gone home.

The result of their visit was often leftover trash, debris, vandalism, and sometimes property damage, all of which cost Hahamy money and time to deal with. So, he started looking for a solution.

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“We tried live security, but it was very expensive and didn’t do the job,” says Hahamy. In most cases, security guards would ask someone to leave, and they wouldn’t. So, the police would be called, and the whole situation would end up taking hours to resolve.

Plus, Hahamy had other issues with live security. First, he had to worry about liability concerns if an intruder became violent and put the security guard in danger. Second, in many instances, the guards weren’t actively patrolling or actually preventing crime.

“Most security guards were always on their phone. Nine out of 10 incidents, we couldn’t get a guard to respond,” recalls Hahamy. After dealing with the problem for years and struggling to find a solution, he called us.

The Solution: Remote Guard Services with Talk Down Audio

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After listening to Hahamy’s concerns and evaluating his properties, we set up a surveillance camera system with powerful analytics that would create an alert any time someone entered his property after hours.

Then, we paired those cameras with remote guard services that notified a live guard any time a camera detected an intrusion. Within 60 seconds of receiving an alert, the guard would monitor the situation and use two-way audio to communicate and deter the intruder from committing a crime.

In Hahamy’s case, remote guards were able to dissuade homeless populations from setting up camp. “My goal is to have surveillance 24 hours a day. With the cameras and talk down technology, I have that, and it works. When people hear the guard, 99% of the time, they simply leave,” says Hahamy.

Big Time Results

In the three years since we installed systems at Hahamy’s properties, he’s experienced an 80% decline in incidents. But he’s noticed other benefits too. He doesn’t have to worry about the liability concerns associated with live guards. Plus, he’s saving money.

With remote guard services and the latest camera surveillance technology, Hahamy is able to protect 100% of his property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With nightly reports, he’s also able to see how effective his new system is.

“Every night I get a report. I get to see every individual that would have caused a problem leaving my property, along with pictures and videos of their activities,” says Hahamy. 

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