Looking Into The Future Of Security Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Jul 9, 2019

“Industry analysts agree artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on physical security market growth, particularly video surveillance.” — Thought Leaders Examine the Future of AI in Security, How It Can Be Utilized, Security Sales & Integration magazine

For many, artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a symbol of the future. Yet advances in computing power have made it a common technology in many areas of our daily lives. For example, your phone uses AI to help you find the best route through rush hour traffic and pilots use AI-powered autopilot to guide you safely to your destination.

Today, that same power is showing up in the latest video surveillance cameras used by residential and commercial property managers to protect their businesses. A recent article in Security Sales & Integration magazine showcases just how prevalent AI is becoming in the latest security systems.

AI Will Heavily Influence the Future of Surveillance

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“One thing it doesn’t take advanced analytics to figure out: AI technologies will only continue to evolve and take a predominant place in the video surveillance market.” — Security Sales & Integration magazine

Surveillance camera capabilities are already evolving at lightning speed. Far beyond basic motion-sensing, today’s cameras integrate facial and license plate recognition, heat mapping, and people tracking, among other features. AI promises to extend the abilities of these powerful cameras even further.

“It only makes sense that pairing surveillance with AI will provide a more accurate and proactive approach to video surveillance,” says Mitch Stiltner, COO at Alpha Video Surveillance.

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That potential is what’s driving big growth in AI within the security industry. Security Sales & Integration magazine notes, “that AI will be a key driver of growth in the global physical security market.”

In the next five years, AI video analytics is expected to grow the video surveillance market by 13.4%.

AI Boosts Video Analytics Power

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“Cameras are quickly becoming powerful mini computers with capabilities of doing human tasks automatically in a fraction of the time.” — Mitch Stiltner, COO at Alpha Video Surveillance

With AI enhancements, you can now look to your surveillance system for statistics such as demographics, high-traffic areas, and high-activity times. AI paired with cameras will make surveillance smarter and transform daily manual tasks into automated ones.

Stiltner notes, “Once deep learning enters the game and becomes more accurate, surveillance systems will even be able to predict things and make adjustments to view/address them automatically.”

But that’s not all it can do. Stiltner also explains that, “mundane tasks such as searching video, people counting, blacklist plate searches, gathering and storing POS info, conducting audit trails on access control, and more, are all possible with AI-enhanced cameras.”

As computers become faster and more efficient, manufacturers will integrate more complex functions directly into the cameras, drastically improving analytics speed and processing capabilities.

Stiltner says, “Having these algorithms on board the cameras makes for even faster actions as it doesn’t have to search a server or database which use to house the algorithms.”

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow’s video surveillance cameras, both for security prevention and business intelligence solutions.

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