Feb 18, 2016

You may have hard this term in the past, and have wondered what is a ‘virtual’ patrol?

Well, the term ‘Virtual Patrol’ is used when a guard will access an existing surveillance system remotely (through the internet in most instances) and one by one view each of the cameras installed at a property. If the guard notices any ‘unwanted’ or ‘suspicious’ activity, then the guard follows a pre-set of instructions selected by the customer. Each time a virtual patrol is completed, a report is made and filed.

These Virtual Patrols can be scheduled on a daily, hourly or even on a more frequent basis depending on the customers’ needs. This service provides an invaluable added benefit to customers with existing surveillance systems as it helps to ensure that their property is being protected and monitored.

Alpha Virtual Guard Services (AVGS) takes the standard virtual patrol and takes it up a level with the ability to actually ‘Talk-Down’ to any unwanted events noticed.. This extra measure of protection has proven to be a huge deterrent in preventing damage to the property, robbery and vandalism on many occasions. Being able to have a ‘live’ guard speak to the trespassing individual with detailed descriptions and firm warnings have made a huge impact on the effectiveness of the standard virtual patrol.

AVGS will continue to set new standards in the ‘Virtual Guard’ industry, providing customers with the best in service, quality and results.