Transient Deterred from Property

While the person above seemed to be innocently passing through Alpha’s guards, make it a point to respond to every event on your property. Consistency is vital when deterring campers, suspicious individuals, or even people just passing by, as the constant reminder that the property is monitored becomes known throughout the community and helps to stop suspicious activity on your property before it can happen.

Alpha’s Remote Guard Hops into Action

In the video above, a man walks into view of our camera, and an alert is sent to the Alpha Video Surveillance command center. Once the alert is received, one of our guards remotes in to assess the situation and see what’s happening. Upon reviewing the feed, our guard sees the man walking onto the property and begins to initiate a warning using the two-way talk-down audio system included with the service.

Our remote guard informs the man he is in a closed and restricted area and needs to leave immediately. The man complies and is off the property before reaching the sidewalk area. The property is secured and will continue to be live-monitored by our remote guards for the rest of the night.

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Our process begins with an on-site evaluation of your property to identify vulnerabilities and problem areas that need to be protected. Our wide catalog of surveillance systems allow us to engineer and install solutions tailored to combat your property’s security threats.

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Transient Deterred from Property - Alpha Video Surveillance