Remote Guard Trespassing Events

In the video above we see three different instances of our Remote Guard Service in action.

Video Number One: Mailbox Break-In

In this video we notice two suspects come onto the protected area of the property. One of the individuals stays behind and keeps watch as another begins to try and break into the mailboxes. The suspect does his best to break into the apartment complex’s mailbox but is quickly deterred by our remote guard. The two individuals and they can be seen leaving the area and the property is once again safe from vandalism.

Video Number Two: Tresspasers Deterred From Pool

In this video we see two individuals come into the pool area after hours. The individuals can be seen setting their stuff down and getting ready to take a dip into the hot tub. Our guards notice the intruders and quickly inform them that the pool is closed and they need to vacate the area. The two people can be seen collecting their belongings and leaving the pool area immediately.

Video Number Three: Illegal Dumping

In this video we see a truck pull up to dumpster being watched by Alpha’s remote guards. A person proceeds to get out of the truck and begin dumping the contents of the truck into the business’s private dumpster. Alpha’s remote guards intervene and inform the individual he is illegally dumping and needs to remove the content or the police will be called. The individual can be seen taking the contents out of the dumpster and leaving the area. The property is secure and will be monitored by Alpha’s remote guards for the rest of the night!

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