Remote Guard Deters Transient From Property

Alpha Video Sureveillance’s Remote Guard Service deters a transient from loitering on a closed property after hours.

An Unknown Suspect Comes Onto the Property

At the beginning of the video, we see an unknown individual enter into a property secured by Alpha Video Surveillance. After making a few trips around the atrium while drinking an unknown substance, our guards are alerted and begin to speak down to the individual, letting him know the area is closed and he needs to leave the premises. The individual can is seen taking notice of the talk down and becomes visually upset by our guards interfering with his midnight stroll.

Secured and Protected

After making a final round, the transient moves towards the camera and off the property. The property has been protected and will continue to be monitored by our guards for the rest of the night.

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Our process begins with an on-site evaluation of your property to identify vulnerabilities and problem areas that need to be protected. Our wide catalog of surveillance systems allow us to engineer and install solutions tailored to combat your property’s security threats.

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