Remote Guard Removes Trespasser From Closed Pool

The pool area on your multi-family residential property can frequently become a spot for trespassers or residents alike to loiter in. The space is open and offers places for people to take a seat or hang out, leading to loud noise that may disturb the peace, trash left by visitors, or vandalism that can occur when trespassers assume no one is around to stop them. Alpha’s Remote Guard Service is the perfect solution to keep pool areas and other trouble spots on your property clean and clear of unwanted activity when no one is around!

Remote Guard Jumps Intro Action

In the video above, we see a man come into the camera’s view. He begins to mess with the gate in the hopes of entering the pool area. Before he can gain access, Alpha’s remote guard initiates a warning using the two-way talk down system included with the service. The remote guard informs the man the pool is closed, and he needs to leave immediately. The man immediately notices the warning, grabs his belongings, and leaves the area as fast as possible.

The are has been secured and will continue to be live monitored by Alpha’s Remote Guard Service for the rest of the night!

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Remote Guard Removes Trespasser From Closed Pool - Alpha Video Surveillance