Remote Guard Deters Two Trespassers

Trespassers on your property is probably one of the most reoccurring events property owners have to worry about. Transients can vandalize or damage property creating unnecessary clean-up and repair costs. If unmonitored, the issue can get out of hand quickly and eventually lead to people camping on your property. Alpha’s Remote Guard Service alleviates this issue by being on guard 24/7. Transients don’t have a chance to get comfortable and are deterred from the property almost as quickly as they enter it making for a clean and clear site all night or day.

Alpha’s Remote Guard Hops Into Action.

In the video above, two trespassers come into view of our camera. As soon as the two are detected, an alert is sent to the command center where our remote guard remotes into the camera and assess the situation. Upon seeing the trespassers, the remote guard initiates a warning using the two-way talk-down audio included with the system. The guard informs the people they are in a closed area and must leave immediately.

The trespassers take instant notice of the warning and vacate the property. The area is secured and will continue being live-monitored by our remote guards for the rest of the night.

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Remote Guard Deters Two Trespassers - Alpha Video Surveillance