Remote Guard Deters Theft

Roaming guards do a great job of ensuring your property is secured when they are in the area, but as soon as they leave, thieves take the opportunity to break into cars, storage buildings, and even the building itself. Alpha’s Remote Guard Service removes the need for a roaming guard and keeps watch on your property at all times. This always-on-guard approach can help protect your property from theft and save property owners much money in potential damage repairs!

Alpha’s Remote Guard Hops Into Action

In the video above, we see a man ride into our camera’s view on a bike. The person looks around to ensure the coast is clear and immediately begins checking cars for valuables. Alpha’s remote guard is alerted of the intrusion and remotes into asses the situation. Upon viewing the activity, the remote guard initiates a warning using the two-way talk-down audio included with the system.

The guard informs the thief that he is in a restricted area and needs to leave immediately. The person takes instant notice of the warning and leaves the site as quickly as he arrived. The property is secured and will continue to be live monitored by Alpha’s Remote Guard Service for the rest of the night.

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Our process begins with an on-site evaluation of your property to identify vulnerabilities and problem areas that need to be protected. Our wide catalog of surveillance systems allow us to engineer and install solutions tailored to combat your property’s security threats.

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Remote Guard Deters Theft - Alpha Video Surveillance