Remote Guard Deters Pool Break-In

It’s hard to tell exactly what this person was hoping to do in the pool area of this multi-family residential property, but it is pretty clear he should not be there. The pool area on your property can often be exploited by residents and transients alike after hours. The pool area can play host to kids who just want to hang out or people off the street just looking for a place to camp out for the night. Alpha’s Remote Guard Service is the perfect tool to help deter after-hours visitors in your pool area keeping your property clean and clear all night long.

Alpha’s Guard Hops Into Actions

In the video above, we see a person come into our camera’s view and begin to try and enter the pool area. Alpha’s remote guard receives an alert and remotes in to assess the situation. After seeing the person on the property Alpha’s guard contacts the individual and lets him know he is in a restricted area and needs to leave immediately. The person is startled by the warning and leaves the pool area in the same direction he entered.

The pool is secured and will continue to be guarded by Alpha’s remote guard for the rest of the night.

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Remote Guard Deters Pool Break-In - Alpha Video Surveillance