Remote Guard Deters Man From Urinating On Building

Commercial and multi-family residential properties can face several problem activities overnight. Properties that are not guarded by a gate or open to the public via the main street can fall victim to loitering and vandalism. In some cases, they can become a place for passer byers to relieve themselves when they believe no one is watching. Alpha’s remote guards train to deter all suspicious activity on your properties to maintain a safe and clean area for property owners and managers.

Alpha’s Remote Guard Hops Into Action

In the video above, we see a trespasser enter Alpha’s camera view and walk towards the corner of the building. Alpha’s remote guard receives an alert and remotes in to find the transient getting ready to relieve himself on the side of the building. Alpha’s guard makes immediate contact with the person using the two-way talk-down audio included with the Remote Guard Service system and informs him he is being live monitored by Alpha Video Surveillance and needs to leave the area.

The transient takes instant notice of the guard’s warning and leaves the area before he has a chance to do his business. The property is secure and clean and will continue to be live monitored by Alpha’s remote guards for the rest of the night.

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Remote Guard Deters Man From Urinating On Building - Alpha Video Surveillance