Remote Guard Deters Dumpster Diver

The dumpster areas on residential and commercial properties often fall prey to dumpster divers, illegal dumping, and several other suspicious activities overnight. The dumpster area has proven to be one of the main locations of concern for many of Alpha’s clients as illegal dumping can lead to high clean-up costs. Alpha’s remote guards are trained to identify these unwanted activities and deter them as soon as they occur.

Alpha’s Guard Jumps into Action

In the video above, we see a man come into our camera’s view. As soon as the person is caught, an alert is sent to our command center, letting our remote guard know someone has intruded on the protected area. Our remote guard remotes in and sees the man attempting to dumpster dive. The remote guard initiates a warning to the person using the two-way talk-down audio included with the system. The guard informs the person that the property is closed and restricted and that he needs to leave immediately.

The man immediately notices the warning, puts the items back in the dumpster, and leaves the area. The property is secured and will remain protected by Alpha’s remote guards for the rest of the night.

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Remote Guard Deters Dumpster Diver - Alpha Video Surveillance