Remote Guard Deters Drug User from Property

It’s common for pedestrians or transients to try and loiter on the properties we protect. More often than not, they stop to take a break from their travels or intend to try and camp overnight and then move on. In some cases, we do happen upon people who try to use the space as a place to do illicit drugs, and when this happens, we make it a point to let them know we will call the police if they do not leave immediately.

Drug use on your property can lead to left behind contraband, liability, and several other problems that property managers and owners have to deal with, so when it comes to drug use (and any other activity on your property), we always take it seriously and get them off the property asap!

Remote Guard Hops into Action

In the video above, we see a homeless man come into view of our cameras. As soon as he sits, he beings to rummage through a box and pulls out a pipe and what appears to be illicit drugs. Upon reviewing the feed, our remote guard initiated a warning to the drug user, letting him know he was in a restricted area and needed to leave immediately. In addition to letting him know he needs to go, he also informs him he will call the police.

The homeless man seems agitated by the warning and leaves the property. The area is secured and will continue to be monitored by our remote guard for the rest of the night.

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Remote Guard Deters Drug User from Property - Alpha Video Surveillance