Remote Guard Deters Break-In

Commercial Properties can often fall victim to several unwanted activities overnight with no one around after hours and numerous spots for trespassers to hide or hang out in its not unusual for commercial properties to experience loitering, vandalism, illegal dumping, or break-ins. Alpha’s guards train to assess every alert that comes into our command center from your property and make it our goal to intervene before the damage or illegal action occurs.

Remote Guard Deters Break-In

In the video above, we can see a hoodie individual come into the camera’s view holding what looks like a pair of bolt cutters. As the person creeps closer, he heads straight to one of the garage doors located on the property and, for a moment, goes out of view of our cameras. Although the individual is out of sight, our remote guar is still very well aware of their presence on the property.

Our remote guard begins to warn the person using the two-way talk-down audio included with our Remote Guard Service system. As soon as the person hears the warning from our remote guard, he jumps up and makes his way off the property as quickly as he can. The property is secured and will continue to be live monitored by Alpha’s remote guards for the rest of the night.

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Remote Guard Deters Break-In - Alpha Video Surveillance