Dumpster Diver Deterred From property

Dumpster divers are a problem on most commercial and residential properties. While the action may seem innocent, dumpster divers often leave trash scattered in the area. They can become a liability to property owners if something happens to them while they are partaking in the act. Alpha’s Remote Guard Service can help to deter all potential acts of dumpster diving at all times of the day or night, depending on your needs. This constant on-guard solution keeps your property clean and clear, avoiding messy clean-ups and costly damage repairs.

In the video above, we see a woman pull up to a dumpster located on a closed property monitored by our Remote Guard Service. As soon as the car pulls into our camera’s view, an alert is sent to our command center, where a guard remotes into the camera to assess the situation. Upon reviewing the feed, our guard sees a woman attempting to dumpster dive and immediately initiates a warning.

The woman immediately notices the warning, climbs off the dumpster, and returns to her car to leave the property. The area is secured and will continue to be live-monitored by our remote guards for the rest of the night.

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Dumpster Diver Deterred From property - Alpha Video Surveillance