Alpha’s Remote Guards Deter Trespasser In Alleyway

Alleyways and the back of buildings often fall prey to suspicious activity. At night these dark areas play host to loitering, dumpsterdivers, people who camp out, and others who can bring vandalism and litter to your property. Alpha Video Surveillances’ remote guard service is the perfect solution to keeping these areas clear, clean, and void of any suspicious activity.

Alpha’s Guards Jump Into Action

In the video above Alpha’s remote guards are alerted of a suspicious individual on a bike trespassing on a closed alleyway protected by Alpha’s Remote Guard Service. As soon as our guards receive the alert he jumps into action and proceeds to warn the person that he is on a closed property and needs to leave the area. The person can be seen taking notice of the warning and immediately leaves the area. The property has been secured and will go back to being monitored by Alpha’s remote guards for the rest of the night.

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