Alpha’s Remote Guards Deter Transients Walking Through Alley Way

Alleyways are a high traffic area both during the day and at night. These secluded areas can play host to people who are just passing through or often times the homeless who like to set up camp during the night. While not all traffic that occurs in these areas is malicious, most alleyways’ dark nature does allow for several hazards. People who set up camp or loiter in your alley can create trash often left behind after they have gone. People walking through can use the out of site area to create graffiti or vandalize the back of stores. While frequently forgotten, most alleyways and the back of your building are a vulnerable spot for any store owner. Alpha’s years of surveillance and Remote Guard Service experience has taught us that a surveillance camera in the back of your building can save store owners a lot of money in the long run.

In the video above, we see two individuals walk onto a closed alleyway protected by Alpha Video Surveillance and our Remote Guard Service. Our guards are alerted of there presence and make contact with the two people. Our guard informs them they are in a restricted area and need to use the public sidewalk to get to the other side of this building. The two people hear the warning and can be seen walking back towards the street. The alleyway is secured and will continue to be protected by Alpha Video Surveillance for the rest of the night.

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