Alpha’s Remote Guards Deter Pedestrians on a Closed Property.

In some cases, the events that Alpha’s remote guards deter are not necessarily dire or suspicious in nature. Sometimes its simple pedestrians passing through a closed property. Although the guys in the video above were most likely just passing through it is important to set a residence and let people know it’s not ok to use this closed property as a desired pathway. When an area becomes a desired pathway to another location then the risk of vandalism, loitering, and pollution rises. It’s best to prevent that risk by reminding people that the area is closed and not meant to be passed through.

Alpha’s Guards Jump into Action

In the video above we can see the two pedestrians get instantly surprised by our remote guard’s warning. Once they hear the warning they instantly comply and begin to walk off of the property. Our guards wish them a good night as they make their way back to the street and the property goes back to being monitored by Alpha’s Remote Guard Service for the rest of the night.

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