Alpha’s Remote Guards Deter Intruders On A Closed Property

After dark, it’s hard to keep an eye out for unwanted visitors on your property. More often than not suspicious individuals use empty parking lots and dim-lit areas to loiter or plan for the night ahead. Loitering can lead to property damage or trash being left behind which can be a real issue that has to be dealt with by the property owner or manager in the morning. Alpha’s remote guard service can help to deter this sort of suspicious activity by being there when no one else is around.

In the video above we see a car come onto a closed parking lot monitored by Alpha Video Surveillance’s Remote guard Service. As soon as the individuals get out of the car out guards make contact with the people getting out of the car letting them know they are on a closed property and need to leave. The intruders can be seen getting back into their cars and leaving the property right away. The property is secured and will go back to being monitored by Alpha Video Surveillance for the rest of the night.

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Our process begins with an on-site evaluation of your property to identify vulnerabilities and problem areas that need to be protected. Our wide catalog of surveillance systems allow us to engineer and install solutions tailored to combat your property’s security threats.

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