Alpha’s Remote Guards Deter Dumpster Diver

One of the most vulnerable locations on any property when it comes to security is the dumpster areas. These locations attract transients and the homeless as some offer secluded places to hang out or set up camp for a while. Others are attracted to the potential of bottles and plastic for recycling or salvageable trash. This sort of traffic creates a potential for vandalism as well as can make residents or workers on your property feel uncomfortable or unsafe. At alpha video surveillance, our years of experience in the field have taught us that monitoring these areas is critical in making your facility safe.

In the video above, we see an unknown man come onto the property and begin digging in the dumpster. Our remote guards are alerted of the intruder and immediately jump into action by making contact with the man using our two-way live audio. The man seems to ignore our first warning, so the guards begin to describe the person they are talking to in order to inform him this is a live warning and not just a pre-recorded script. The man can be seen reacting to the remote guard’s second warning, turns around, and looks right at our cameras as he begins to walk off while flashing a plastic bottle he has dug out of the trash. The man proceeds to exit the area, and the location goes back to being secured.

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