Alpha’s Remote Guards Deter After-Hours Pool Visitors

Anyone who owns or manages a multi-housing property with a pool area can tell you that oftentimes the pool area becomes a place for people to hang out, loiter, and party at. While this activity is fine during the day most apartment complexes have pool open and closed times in place in order to cut down on after-hours noise as well as prevent trash or vandalism building up overnight. While most tenants are happy to follow these rules every once in a while you’ll have some late-night visitors that pay no mind to the closed signs and go right on into the pool area for an after-hours swim. Alpha’s Remote Guard Service can help to deter this traffic and make sure your pool areas stay clear of visitors the entire time the area is closed.

Alpha’s Remote Guards Swing Into Action

The video above shows two after hour visitors who have come into the pool area and began swimming. Alpha’s Remote Guards are alerted of this intrusion and immediately make contact with the intruders. They are informed the pool is closed and they need to leave the area immediately. The two girls can be seen collecting their belongings and heading out of the area. The pool is secured and will continue to be monitored by alpha video surveillance for the rest of the night.

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