Alpha’s Remote Guards Deter After Hours Hot Tub Visitors

After-hours visitors on your property’s pool or hot tub area can lead to loud noise that disrupts the peace for others in your muli-family development. Besides the noise after-hour, visitors can make, your guests could also leave trash or vandalism the area while no one is watching, leaving the site vulnerable to suspicious activity all night long. With that in mind, our guards are set up to protect and monitor several individual pool and spa areas on multi-family properties. Our goal is to help prevent the use of these areas after hours and keep the area both clean and safe for others to use during the proper times of use.

Alpha’s Guards Hot Into Action

In the video above, we can see a group come into the apartment complex pool and make their way towards the hot tub. Our guards are alerted of the after-hours visitors and immediately remote in and make contact with the visitors. They inform the group that the pool area is closed and they need to leave. The guest taking notice of the warning and begin to pack up their belongings and leave. The pool is secured and will go back to being monitored by Alpha’s Remote Guard Service all night long.

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Alpha's Remote Guards Deter After Hours Hot Tub Visitors - Alpha Video Surveillance