Alpha’s Remote Guards Deter a Dumpster Diver From A Closed Property

The dumpster area on most properties is a hot spot for suspicious activity. Usually, these areas are located out of sight or in the back of the building providing a spot for vagrants to loiter camp or dumpster dive. These sorts of activities can promote graffiti, vandalism, and damage to your property making for unnecessary costs to your business. Alpha’s Remote Guard Service can act as a deterrent to this type of activity saving you and your business money and giving the property owner peace of mind that their property is safe even went they are away.

Alpha’s Guards Jump Into Action

In the video above we see a man come onto a closed property monitored by Alpha Video Surveillance’s Remote Guard Service. As soon as the man enters the camera’s view our guards are alerted of an intruder. Our guards remote into the camera sound the alarm and immediately hop into action. Our remote guard informs the man he is being live monitored by Alpha Video Surveillance and he needs to leave the property. The man can be seen to be startled as soon as our guard starts his warning. He listens to our message, gathers his things, and leaves the property right away. The property goes back to being secured and will be monitored by Alpha’s remote guards for the rest of the night.

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