Alpha’s Remote Guard Deters Trespasser On Closed Property

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service is a valuable tool that can help protect your property when no one else is around to do so. Our team uses artificially intelligent cameras to create perimeters around your property that are live monitored by our guards 24/7. When a trespasser crosses or trips the perimeter our guards are sent a message and can remote into the camera to assess the situation in real-time.

Alpha’s Guards Hop Into Action

In the video above our guard received an alert from one of our cameras on a closed property being monitored by Remote Guard Service. The guard was able to remote into the camera and noticed an individual pushing a shopping cart trespassing. The individual can be seen taking a break near one of the work trucks on the property which is when our remote guard intervenes. The remote guard informs the trespasser he or she is on a closed property and needs to exit the area immediately.

The person can be seen visually startled by the warning and begins to walk off the property. The property has been secured and will go back to being live monitored by Alpha’s Remote Guard Service for the rest of the night.

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