Alpha’s Remote Guard Deters Trespasser On Closed Property

While every event we prevent is not a life-or-death situation it is still important to Alpha and our customers that we interact and prevent all suspicious activity on your property. While someone simply passing through might not pose any immediate threat to a property you always run the risk of loitering, graffiti, or litter piling up as people use your property as a path to another destination. It is for those reasons that our remote guards make it a point to let anyone simply passing through now that your property is closed and restricted. This constant reminder to the general public eventually becomes common knowledge and in the long run, will keep pedestrians and trespassers from walking onto your property when it is closed.

Alpha’s Remote Guards Hop Into Action

In the video above we see a young man with an orange hoodie come onto a closed property protected by Alpha’s Remote Guard Service. Our remote guards are alerted of an intruder and hop into action immediately letting the individual know the property is closed and that he needs to exit and utilize the public sidewalk. The person takes not of the remote guard’s warning and begins to walk back to the public sidewalk from which he entered the property. The area is secured and will continue to be monitored by Alpha’s remote guards for the rest of the night!

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Alpha's Remote Guard Deters Trespasser On Closed Property - Alpha Video Surveillance