Alpha Video Surveillance’s Remote Guard Service Deters Mailbox Break-In

At around 10pm Alpha’s remote guards spot a suspicious individual step into view of our cameras facing a local apartment complex’s mailboxes. After casing the area for a good 5 minutes the individual pulls out a tool and begins to try and pry open one of the mailboxes.

Alpha’s Guards Make Contact

Our guards see the individual’s behavior and jump right into action. Using live two way audio our guards inform the person he is on private property and that what he is doing is illegal.

Suspect Is Deterred

The person is obviously shaken by our guard’s voice and walks away before removing the tool he was using to break into the mailbox. The suspect returns to retrieve his tool as our guards continue to inform him he is being watched and the police will be on their way if he does not leave. The individual pries his tool from the mailbox and leaves the area. The suspect can be heard arguing as he walks away from the scene but does leave for good. The property is safe and will continue to be monitored by our remote guards all night long!

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