Alpha’s Remote Guards Deter Pedestrian From Closed Sidewalk

Alpha’s remote guards make it a point to intervene in every event that takes place on your property, no matter how big or small. Our goal is to make your business a no-entry zone at night and do our best to let that be known by interacting and deterring all suspicious activity that occurs on your property while it is closed. The constant reminder to pedestrians will cut down on through traffic and help safeguard your property from loitering, graffiti, or other problems that occur from through traffic.

Alpha’s Guards Hop Into Action

In the video above, we see a pedestrian enter the property from the sidewalk closest to the closed building/business. Our guards are alerted of an intruder and immediately contact the person using our two-way talk down audio system. The pedestrian is informed he is on a closed property in a restricted area and needs to move to the public sidewalk. The person can be heard talking back to our guards and then complies with our warnings and moves to the public sidewalk. The property is secured and goes back to be monitored by Alpha’s remote guards for the rest of the night.

Powerful, Cost Effective,
Crime Prevention

Our process begins with an on-site evaluation of your property to identify vulnerabilities and problem areas that need to be protected. Our wide catalog of surveillance systems allow us to engineer and install solutions tailored to combat your property’s security threats.

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