Alpha’s Remote Guards Deter Camping From A Closed Property

Unfortunately for some, they are forced to find shelter outside during the night time. While most overnight guest intends to sleep and leave the next day, there are a few who leave behind litter, create vandalism, and cause damage to the property they decide to take shelter on. In addition to those risks, your property’s continual use as an overnight sleeping area can attract more transients to set up a camping spot, and before you know it, you have a full campsite on your property overnight. Let Alpha Video Surveillance protect your property from such risks using our remote guard service to deter any overnight guests on your property.

Alpha’s Guards Hop Into Action

In the video above, we can see a man settling in for the night. Our guards are alerted of an intruder on a closed property protected by our Remote Guard Service and immediately hop into action. Our remote guards inform the person that he is on a closed property and needs to leave the area immediately. After a few warnings, the person can be seen getting up and leaving the property. The area is secured, and the property will continue to be live monitored by Alpha Video Surveillance for the rest of the night!

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