Trespasser on Property

Jul 10, 2024

Trespassers can be a nuisance for both commercial and residential properties. In a commercial setting, trespassers may loiter, vandalize your property, and leave trash or debris that a property manager or owner has to clean up.

For residential properties, these issues also apply. Additionally, trespassers can make tenants feel unsafe and uneasy, creating an uncomfortable living environment.

Alpha’s Remote Guard service is the perfect solution to prevent trespassing altogether. Our cameras can monitor all areas of your property at all times.

In the video above, a trespasser attempts to enter a closed property protected by our remote guard service. As soon as the trespasser is spotted, an alert is sent to our command center, where our guard remotely accesses the camera to assess the situation. Upon viewing the feed, our guard initiates a warning using the two-way audio feature.

Our guard informs the trespasser that they need to leave immediately. The trespasser quickly notices the warning and leaves the property the same way they entered.

The property is secured, and our remote guard service will continue to monitor the area for the rest of the night.

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