Transport Biz Owner Solves Rising Maintenance Costs Mystery

Sep 1, 2017

See how Video Surveillance Exposed this Driver!


Here is Mark’s story:

My transportation business has been up and running for 3 years with appreciable levels of income generated and ongoing plans for expansion. Due to other commitments, I hired an Operations Manager to handle supervision of the maintenance department. He was also mandated to turn in quarterly reports of maintenance activities. From the reports, I noticed a progressive rise in maintenance costs over 6 months with a minute fraction of the haulage fleet contributing 80% to this increase. This is severely affecting our bottom lines. I knew something was wrong and ordered an immediate investigation.

While the issue still persisted, a business partner suggested having video surveillance cameras in the fleet. Though I was a bit skeptical about this idea, I accepted and went to sleep hoping the matter would be resolved by this decision. 3 weeks later, I was vacationing in Aspen when I received the usual quarterly report, this time with extra information – A video footage…!


Given the need to maintain high driving standards, prevent criminal practices and maximize profits while keeping insurance premiums within limits, transport companies have good reasons to keep their fleets under surveillance. However, just a few are aware that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to achieve this. With IP video surveillance technology, comes to an innovative and smarter means of keeping tabs on a fleet while pocketing all the profits.

The features of an effective transportation video monitoring system offer several added benefits to the fleet owner and driver:

GPS Tracking System reports exact location: Your driver had been taking an alternative route which requires more fuel to ply and with the potential of getting your vehicle damaged due to an uneven terrain all in a bid to see a date! You suspected and confronted him, but have no evidence to nail him and you simply resigned to fate. The embedded GPS tracking system in a TSS ensures the precise location of your fleet is well monitored. With this in place, you are certain your vehicles are being used for exactly what they are meant for.

Video recordings of every event offer indisputable evidence: The high definition surveillance video cameras are strategically placed to capture every blow for blow. On one hand, this protects your company’s assets as the thought of being watched elicits discipline from the driver. On the other hand, the driver is protected from unnecessary sanctions in case of the occurrence of an incident he is totally innocent of its cause. In other words, the video evidence is a veritable tool in proofing innocence or guilt.

At Alpha Video Surveillance, our commercial surveillance service area offers a brilliant and affordable fleet surveillance solution with high precision. Our Transportation Surveillance System (TSS) is unique with a cloud storage feature which allows videos to be accessed remotely. Our weatherproof HD video cameras cover every detail. You can rest easy with our Transportation Surveillance System in place.

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In case you are still wondering about what Mark discovered in the video footage he received, his driver was the one planning an alternative route to see a date. Could you guess? AlphaVS Transportation Surveillance System delivered.