Top 5 Industries That Benefit from Outdoor Surveillance

Oct 17, 2017


According to the FBI, the estimated number of violent crimes in 2016 increased by 4.1% compared to the previous year. The increase occurred for the second consecutive year. Although property crime rate declined by 2%, it accounted for losses up to $15.6billion. This is quite significant given the massive investments required to get businesses and other facilities up and running. Looking at the considerable number of property crimes such as burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson, the importance of ensuring effective outdoor surveillance in addressing the situation cannot be downplayed.

With businesses across various sectors trying to improve on-site security by various means, here are 5 sectors that will benefit from improved outdoor surveillance.

Auto Sales Industry

Considering how cars can ease mobility, they could be necessary acquisitions rather than mere luxuries. The auto sales sector is a billion dollar one with inventories comprising of some of the most priced products in the world. Meanwhile, auto dealerships are vulnerable to criminal activities given that most car lots are located outdoors. So, having a well-planned surveillance system comprising of high definition outdoor cameras is very important for a dealership. Auto dealers can also invest in an interactive remote surveillance system with voice-activated deterrents. With this, operators can easily spot potential vandals on time and notify the police before a security situation worsens.

Properties and Real Estate Industry

The real estate sector is one of the most attractive to investors as well as invaders who derive satisfaction in vandalizing expensive properties. Safeguarding commercial and residential properties against intrusion is usually challenging for property managers and HOAs. This is due to the smarter ways of criminal elements. As a real estate manager, you can do more to make your property marketable by installing surveillance cameras in strategic places around your property.

Construction Industry

Construction businesses are more likely to experience vandalism. Studies have shown that most construction site thefts occur at night on both weekdays and weekends. The remoteness of most construction sites often makes them easy targets for vandals. This further brings to fore why you must ramp up your construction site security. As a Project Manager in charge of either a commercial or residential project, it will benefit you to encourage the owners to consider outdoor surveillance. CCTV and alarm systems will help keep your equipment and raw materials safe. Improving the lighting around your construction site will also make your outdoor surveillance efforts more effective. This will reduce theft and vandalism and cut down avoidable losses.

Power Plant Industry

The power sector is critical to the economic growth of any country. The expensive equipment and usual remote locations of power plants make the sector a lucrative target for vandals.

Outdoor surveillance at power plants can be beefed up with a virtual guard system. Remote operators can easily evaluate threats and initiate responses to either ward off intruders or call the police. Outdoor security efforts consisting of video surveillance have the potential to complement any physical barrier, electronic detector and bullet-resisting structures in place. An effective power plant security system will have a ripple effect on businesses and individuals who need an adequate power supply for their operations.

Telecommunications Industry

This is another sector with high vulnerability to vandalism. Service providers often face serious challenges with securing telecommunication masts and service base stations. The telecommunications sector will benefit immensely from outdoor surveillance comprising of virtual security guards. The customer service centers can also feature outdoor CCTV cameras with cloud storage capabilities to enhance remote monitoring of live feeds. Telecommunications companies can grow their subscribers and revenue with top-notch security of assets.

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