Top 3 Security Trends in 2020

Aug 6, 2020

If you were to take a look into the past, around 10 years ago, you probably wouldn’t believe just how far technology has progressed. New innovations and ideas have really begun to take shape here in more recent years and security has not been left behind when it comes to innovation and new technologies.

While we have yet to come upon the times of security terminator type robots there have been a few developments that have stuck out and really started to find a place in everyday security use in 2020. Check out our list of top 3 security trends for 2020 below!

Mobile Access Control

When most management companies think of access control terrors of endlessly deactivating and reprogramming key fobs surely comes to mind. The need to constantly update outdated systems can be a hassle and for the most part, have become quite the chore.

Mobile Access Control has eliminated the need for keychain fobs and has made easy work of controlling who has access to what. Mobile Access Control systems are easily managed and can scale easily making them one of the most exciting new technologies when it comes to security in 2020. No longer will your tenants or employees complain about forgetting or losing their key fob as it is now conveniently stored within their mobile phones!

License Plate / Facial Recognition Cameras

License plate and facial recognition cameras have recently found their place in higher-end security systems allowing for the systems to build a database of cars that have passed through a specified location over time. Using this database of license plates paired with time stamps and location, companies are able to build timelines of when their employees are on or off company grounds. Make white and blacklists of cars whom are allowed or not allowed on the property or even help in solving mystery cases for the police by building timelines for when a suspect was on or off a certain property.

License plate recognition cameras are still fairly new to the security world but as time goes on and the technology gets better I’m sure we’ll see license plate recognition technology used more and more in the world around us.

A.I. Cameras

Artificial intelligence is used in almost everything these days. From Alexa to the phone in your hand, we encounter AI in some way on a day to day basis. Security cameras have not been exempt from this technology in recent years. With AI built into the systems of most cameras users are able to create invisible perimeters around facilities allowing for guards to be alerted if the perimeter is tripped. Cameras have the knowledge to know if its a person or just a cat passing through the property. This ability to differentiate allows for less time to be wasted checking constant perimeter trips from animals or trash moving through the camera’s view.

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