Thermal Screening Solutions In The Work Place

Jun 9, 2020

As the country begins to get back into business, many precautions have gone into implementation to make sure the spread of Covid-19 and other viral diseases are prevented. The CDC has extended social distancing procedures and guidelines to keep new infections at bay while allowing for business to get back to normal. Thermal Screening Solutions are your tool as business owners to keep your patrons and employees, alike safe. Alpha Video Surveillances’ Thermal Screening Solution cameras are a non-invasive, secure, and accurate way to check the temperature of anyone that walks into a facility. With real-time alerts and the ability to accurately measure the body heat of up to 30 individuals at a glance, our solutions provide a fast way for your company to identify and deal with sick individuals at a glance.

Benefits of a Thermal Screening Solution

A Thermal Screening Solution allows your patients to filter through your entrance without stopping for manual temperature testing. The cameras have built-in flashing lights and speakers for sound as well as mobile notifications to alert employees of potential risk. This ability to measure people’s temperatures as they filter through your entrance without being stopped makes for safer entry into your building as well as frees up your employees to focus on their respective jobs.

Additional Benefits of Thermal Screening Solutions

  • Custom Alerts
  • Live Temperature Readings
  • Customizable Configurations
  • Facial Recognition Technology
  • Data Reporting
  • Scalable Solution
  • Training & Support

Two Effective Thermal Screening Solutions

Alpha Video Surveillance has developed two effective solutions for Thermal Screening that are sure to fit any business.

Thermal Screening Camera

Ideal for staff and guest screenings at facilities like hospitals, warehouses, airports, schools, and churches.

  • Powered with Facial Recognition & A.I.
  • Customizable notifications

Accuracy of +/- 0.54F


Thermal Screening Kiosk

Ideal for entrances at restaurants, health clinics, gyms, and any business that has check-in procedures.

  • Affordable to any business
  • Live Mobile and Desktop notifications for operation managers

First precautionary line of defense against infections

Watch Alpha’s Thermal Screening Solution in Action

Ready To Take The Step Towards A Thermal Screening Solution?

As the country struggles to find its new standard, our goal is to help businesses small and large allow their patrons and employees to feel safe and comfortable in the workspace. Alpha Video Surveillance has done extensive research in the field to provide our clients with the most accurate Thermal Screening Solutions possible. We understand every environment is different, which is why we custom calibrate every system to its intended environment.

If you are interested in seeing a live remote demo of either of our solutions, feel free to fill out the form below, and one of our customer service specialists will be in contact with you immediately.

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