Remote Security Guard Service Is The Future

Sep 6, 2017


Why your Property needs a Remote Security Guard

In case this is new to you, picture some inanimate gadgets providing 24/7 video footage of activities around every nook and cranny of your property, assisting remote operators in notifying the relevant authorities of any form of intrusion.  Property managers and business owners can both save cash while securing their assets and also derive optimum security benefits by deploying video monitoring systems enhanced by innovative IT features. Cool, right? This is exactly what a Remote Security Guard Service does.

In actual fact, a Remote Security Guard System is a strategic set-up of multiple IP video surveillance cameras linked to an offsite control center where a remote security guard uses live feeds from the cameras to keep tabs on activities on-site. The monitoring system utilizes an assertive, audio voice in live-time, to ward off intruders. In extreme situations, the police can be promptly alerted. In other words, the remote security guard observes, reports and intervenes.

A remote guard surveillance security system offers several benefits some of which include:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Businesses in the US incur so much expense in a bid to secure their assets through conventional means. These include contract fees, costs of purchasing equipment and sometimes hiring traditional physical security guards. With an innovative camera monitoring system in place, costs of securing business premises can be cut by up to 70%.
  • Excellent Coverage: Since teleportation remains a possibility only in Sci-Fi movies, traditional security guards have to deal with the challenge of roaming a property in shifts. However, a remote guard system can detect suspicious movements in several parts of a property at the same time. Remote guards can view multiple cameras simultaneously and take necessary actions using details from proprietary analytic software.e
  • Dependability: Unlike an on-site guard who might be overworked and is falling asleep on the job or is simply disengaged and unsupervised, a remote security guard system provides round the clock video surveillance without missing out on minute details. The system’s off-site command center consists of multiple operators per shift to effectively manage contingencies.
  • Compelling Video Evidence: The IP video surveillance system boasts an automated feature which records on-site video footage 24/7/365 that can be effectively used in criminal investigations. Important details can be extracted from such videos to nail criminals. Think about lifting the veil of the intruder!
  • Safety: There have been cases of armed criminals attacking on-site security guards who tried to resist their intrusion. Putting anyone in danger can be totally avoided with a video monitoring system which assesses the situation remotely and alerts the relevant authorities who are better trained and equipped to handle extreme security challenges. Installing a video surveillance system also has an additional benefit of limiting avoidable liability risks.

The obvious lapses associated with traditional security guard systems call for smarter and affordable security guard services. Alpha Video Surveillance is filling this gap with intelligent solutions optimized to Detect, Intervene and Prevent. Our remote security guard services are customizable to suit various businesses needs. Contact AlphaVS today to benefit from our world-class security services suitable for your commercial, industrial and multi-family properties.

You can see how our Remote Guard Service works here.