Remote Guard Stops Trespasser

Aug 15, 2023

Alpha’s remote guards stand ready, meticulously trained to swiftly respond to every alert generated by your property’s Remote Guard Service system. Regardless of the magnitude, our vigilant guards remain unwaveringly dedicated, ensuring the safety, security, and protection of your valuable assets.

In the compelling video showcased above, an individual ventures onto a secured property shielded by our esteemed Remote Guard Service. The moment he steps foot on the premises, an instantaneous alert is seamlessly transmitted to our advanced command center. There, one of our adept guards adeptly engages remotely to meticulously evaluate the unfolding scenario.

Upon visual confirmation of the individual’s presence on the property, our skilled guard takes proactive action, utilizing the integrated two-way audio communication feature. This cutting-edge element empowers our guard to initiate a direct and immediate verbal interaction with the individual.

With assertive clarity, our guard advises the individual that they are trespassing on a private and closed property, unequivocally instructing them to depart without delay. Impressively, the individual promptly heeds the cautionary message, making a swift departure in the very direction from which they had entered.

Rest assured, the property is swiftly secured, fortified by the continuous vigilance of our remote guards, who steadfastly uphold their duty to meticulously monitor and safeguard your premises throughout the night.

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