Remote Guard Stops Trespasser on Property

Feb 1, 2024

Alpha’s Remote Guard service serves as a vigilant overseer, providing unparalleled surveillance to safeguard your property from external threats when assistance may be unavailable. The advanced capabilities of our cameras enable continuous monitoring throughout the day and night, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional walking patrol security officers. This ensures the perpetual maintenance of a secure and pristine property environment.

In the video showcased above, a man on a bicycle attempts to breach the boundaries of a secured property under the protection of our Remote Guard Service, aiming to trespass onto a neighboring premise.

Upon the intrusion into our camera’s field of vision, an alert is promptly dispatched to our command center. Our remote guard promptly engages, remotely assessing the situation by reviewing the live feed. Leveraging the two-way talk-down audio feature integrated into the system, our guard issues a warning to the individual, emphasizing the closed nature of the area and the immediate need to vacate.

Acknowledging the warning, the individual promptly heeds the instruction, swiftly departing the area. The property is effectively secured, with continuous live monitoring by our remote guards ensuring ongoing protection throughout the night.

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