Remote Guard Stops Trespasser

Nov 25, 2023

Not every individual encountered on private properties harbors malicious intent. In some instances, they may simply be passing through to reach their next destination. While seemingly innocent, the mere act of being on the property can inadvertently encourage others to trespass. It is with this awareness that our security personnel respond promptly to every incident on your premises, ensuring a secure and well-monitored perimeter.

In the video provided above, a man is observed walking onto a closely guarded property protected by our remote guard service. The moment the individual enters the camera’s field of view, an immediate alert is dispatched to our command center. A skilled guard promptly accesses the situation remotely, initiating a comprehensive assessment. Upon reviewing the footage, the guard issues a clear warning to the trespasser, emphasizing the closure of the property and the necessity to vacate the premises promptly.

The trespasser complies and leaves the property, albeit not without expressing his displeasure by gesturing obscenities towards the surveillance camera. Despite such provocations, our guards maintain a high level of professionalism, ensuring that the situation is diffused without escalating into a confrontation.

Considering Remote Guard Services for Your Property?

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