Remote Guard Stops Theft on Property

Oct 4, 2023

Property theft can manifest in various forms, one of which occurs when individuals from outside the premises trespass to scavenge materials left out for disposal. Dumpster diving not only results in unsightly trash on the property but also poses liability concerns if the intruder sustains injuries during the act.

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service is dedicated to safeguarding all aspects of your property, effectively mitigating such unauthorized activities and other security threats, whether they occur during the day or night.

Alpha’s Guard Hops Into Action

In the video provided above, we witness a truck entering a property and engaging in scavenging through pallets left from the previous day. The moment the intruder enters the view of our surveillance cameras, an immediate alert is transmitted to our command center. Our skilled security guard promptly assesses the situation and takes appropriate action.

Upon detecting the intruder, our guard initiates a warning, informing the trespasser that they are on a private property and must return the pallet and vacate the premises immediately.

The individual promptly heeds the warning, returns the pallet, and departs the property with the same swiftness with which they entered. Our Remote Guard Service ensures the ongoing security of the property, providing peace of mind throughout the night.

Interested in Remote Guard Service?

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