Remote Guard Stops Theft on Property

Nov 9, 2023

Theft on properties can manifest in various ways. It could be innocent kids seeking a bit of amusement, actual criminals seizing an opportunity on a vacant property, or even transients looking for ways to pass the time. Regardless of the scenario, Alpha’s Remote Guards are vigilant to ensure your property remains secure and undisturbed.

In the video above, we observe a man entering our camera view and tampering with a sidewalk sign on a property. The moment an alert is triggered, it is swiftly transmitted to our command center, where one of our guards remotely accesses the camera to assess the situation. After reviewing the footage, the guard opts for a talk-down approach, cautioning the individual to drop the sign and vacate the premises.

The man promptly heeds the warning, abandons the sign, and departs the area. Thanks to Alpha’s Remote Guard Service, the property is secured and will continue to undergo live monitoring for the remainder of the night.

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