Remote Guard Stops Suspicious Activity

Oct 11, 2023

Suspicious activity can occur at any time, day or night, on any given property. Alpha’s Remote Guard Service offers an effective solution to prevent such incidents from taking place, as our guards are strategically positioned throughout your property, providing continuous surveillance.

In the video above, we observe two individuals entering the camera’s field of view. As soon as the camera detects their presence, an alert is immediately transmitted to our command center. Our skilled guard promptly accesses the live feed to assess the situation. After carefully reviewing the footage, our guard decides to take action by utilizing the two-way audio communication feature included in our system.

Our guard proceeds to inform the individuals that they are under surveillance and must vacate the area promptly. The two individuals promptly acknowledge the warning and swiftly depart from the property. With the premises now secure, our remote guards will maintain vigilant monitoring for the remainder of the night.

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