Remote Guard Stops Suspicious Activity on Property

Oct 25, 2023

Vagrants and transients often seek opportunities to exploit vacant properties overnight. In many cases, there are no vigilant overseers present to deter these individuals from exploiting hidden nooks on the premises. Consequently, they exploit this vulnerability to engage in suspicious activities.

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service presents an invaluable solution to curbing such unauthorized activities on your residential or commercial property. Our system boasts the capacity to surveil every nook and cranny of your property round the clock, ensuring comprehensive protection.

In the video provided above, we observe the intrusion of two individuals into the purview of our surveillance cameras. Upon detection of such unauthorized presence, an alert is swiftly dispatched to our command center, where one of our trained guards remotely assesses the situation. After closely examining the live feed, our guard initiates a warning directed at the trespassers, apprising them of their presence on a closed property and compelling them to vacate the premises forthwith.

Remarkably, the trespassers promptly heed the warning and exit the property as expeditiously as they entered. Subsequently, the property remains securely monitored throughout the night by Alpha’s Remote Guard Service, ensuring the continued safety and protection of your valuable assets.

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