Remote Guard Stops Robbery on Property

Oct 18, 2023

Criminal incidents can occur unpredictably and indiscriminately within your vicinity. Therefore, when our Remote Guard Service intervenes to prevent a significant criminal event, our entire team takes immense pride not only in the immediate action but also in the sustained security we offer to numerous properties across the cities in which we operate.

In the video presented above, we observe two individuals approaching an elderly gentleman at an automated teller machine (ATM). As soon as these two individuals enter the camera’s field of view, an alert is dispatched to our central command center. Our security personnel remotely access the feed to assess the unfolding situation.

Upon detecting the robbery in progress, our remote security personnel initiate a verbal intervention using the two-way audio communication system integrated into our service. Our security specialist advises the perpetrators that they are under surveillance by Alpha Video Surveillance and are required to vacate the premises immediately.

In response to our security personnel’s intervention, the two assailants promptly cease their criminal activities and hastily depart the property through the same point of entry. Our security officer subsequently offered assistance to the victim who had been assaulted.

The property was subsequently secured and will remain under continuous live monitoring by our security team throughout the evening.

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