Remote Guard Stops Loitering on Property

Dec 8, 2023

Loitering on your property after dark can lead to various undesirable activities. When people realize that they can hang out on your premises, it draws attention and creates an opportunity for others to exploit the area when no one is present to intervene.

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service serves as an effective solution to address this concern. Our cameras cover all areas of your property simultaneously, providing continuous surveillance. This constant monitoring helps maintain a secure and clear environment, signaling that the property is protected and discouraging unauthorized individuals from lingering.

In the video above, a car enters the property, and an individual disembarks to take pictures. An alert is promptly sent to our command center, where our guard remotely accesses the camera to assess the situation. After reviewing the footage, our guard issues a warning using the two-way talk-down audio feature included with the service.

Our guard informs the individuals that they are on private property and must leave immediately. The individuals promptly return to their car and depart as swiftly as they arrived. The property remains secure and continues to be actively monitored by Alpha’s Remote Guards throughout the night.

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