Remote Guard Stops Illegal Dumping

Jun 21, 2024

Remote Guard Service is a top-notch tool to protect your property from all kinds of threats. Unlike roaming guards who cover limited areas, our Remote Guard Service keeps watch over every corner of your property around the clock. This “eye in the sky” approach ensures your perimeter stays secure day and night with cameras always vigilant.

In the video, you’ll see a red car entering our camera’s view. Instantly, an alert goes to our command center where our remote guard assesses the situation. Watching the feed, our guard spots two people trying to illegally dump trash on the property and quickly uses the two-way audio feature to warn them.

The guard informs the individuals they’re in a restricted area and can’t dump trash there. They immediately comply, taking the trash back into their car before leaving the property clean. With our remote guards monitoring throughout the night, the property remains safe and secure.

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