Remote Guard Stops Illegal Dumping

May 15, 2024

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service stands as a vigilant shield, safeguarding your property round the clock. Whether a patrol guard is present or not, our system remains steadfast, ensuring a safe and unblemished environment. Property managers and owners can rest assured, knowing their premises are shielded from intrusion or any suspicious activities.

In the video above, a figure enters the frame of our surveillance cameras. Instantly detected, an alert is swiftly dispatched to our command center, where our remote guard springs into action to assess the situation. Upon scrutinizing the footage, our guard promptly engages in a verbal warning using the two-way audio communication integrated into our system.

The trespasser is promptly notified that illegal dumping is prohibited on the premises and is urged to vacate the area. Respectfully acknowledging our warning, the individual promptly exits the property via the same route of entry.

With the situation swiftly resolved, the property remains under the watchful eye of Alpha’s Remote Guard Service, ensuring continued security throughout the night.

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