Remote Guard Stops Dumpster Divers

Feb 15, 2024

Alpha’s Remote Guard Service serves as an essential asset for property owners and managers striving to maintain the safety, clarity, and protection of their premises at any hour. The advanced AI cameras, positioned strategically across the property, ensure comprehensive surveillance and a pristine environment even during unattended periods, thereby fortifying defenses against potential intrusions.

In the depicted scenario, two individuals engaged in dumpster diving are spotted on the premises, prompting an immediate alert from our Remote Guard Service to our central command center. Upon receiving the alert, a vigilant guard swiftly initiates remote engagement to assess the situation.

Upon careful observation of the live feed, our attentive guard identifies the presence of the individuals and decides to intervene using the integrated two-way audio system provided by the Remote Guard Service. With clear and concise communication, the guard addresses the dumpster divers, informing them of their presence on private property and urging them to vacate the premises promptly.

Recognizing the authority of the guard’s warning, the individuals swiftly comply, ceasing their activities and departing the property without hesitation.

Thanks to the proactive intervention facilitated by Alpha’s Remote Guard Service, the property remains secure, with continuous live monitoring and protection throughout the night, reinforcing our dedication to providing unparalleled security solutions.

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